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Our purpose is to promote and encourage a greater interest by its chapters, members and the public in the game of golf and related social, civic and charitable activities.


Each of our 13 chapters are engaged in a Civic Role ranging from Jr Golf to Sickle Cell and Supporting  our Historically Black Colleges.  We work closely to identify golfing potential through High Schools and influence connections to the Bill Dickey Foundation.


The Bill Dickey Foundation provides college scholarships to individuals that want to further their golfing skills while achieving academic excellence.  The Pro-Duffers organizations has provided funding for the past two years in support of a Jr Golfer.


The Pro-Duffers foundation was formed to identify minority golfers with potential to compete on professional TOURS.  The foundation identifies those players and works with professional coaches, golfing academy's for skills development.  The foundation is a 501C3 non-profit and all contributions are fully deductible.


It has been estimated that the cost of funding a tour golfer is approximately $ 70,000 per year.  The Ascending Professional Golfer Institute formed a Limited Liability Corporation that will raise monies from outside sources for funding with a contractual agreement with the player to replenish funds.

In summary the Pro-Duffers organization is the overall foundation to:


1. Identify and support Jr golfers

2. Act as a funnel to refer young golfers to the Bill Dickey foundation for College Scholarships

3. The Pro-Duffer Foundation will further the aspirations of minority golfers via skills development

4. The LLC to raise funds to financially support SELECTED golfers to pursue professional tours with contractual agreements for repayment of investments assuming success on the tour.

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